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Recovery 24/7 provides expert, reliable and effective solutions for debt recovery companies/ bailiffs. Securing assets can be a race against time. It is also a very effective method of securing a safe and successful collection of a debt. Just the threat of a bailiff removals service can spark debtors into the action of repayment.

If you are a company/body/organisation acting on behalf of a client to secure a debt - you need the most reliable recovery service. Bailiffs need to secure vehicles for removal due to outstanding debt. We can work directly with your requirements. All debt recovery needs expert planning. This is to reduce the risk of complications and problems. If you have a debt to recover or asset to be secured - Recovery 24/7 is the company you can rely on. We cover Thornton Heath, all of Croydon, Norbury, Streatham and other nearby areas in South-West London. our rapid response is vital in giving you the most effective opportunity to secure valuable assets.

If you need to recover a vehicle for a car repossession then our street lifter team is always available.


When it comes to bailiff removals (recovery) on a rapid response service will do. To stamp authority on a debtor or to find an effective way to secure repayment - vehicle recovery is an effective solution. Debt recovery companies are called into action for many reasons. If a debtor has fallen behind in their car payments then sometimes removal is the only option. A rapid response is vital to make sure what is possibly a volatile situation, takes some meaningful direction. Securing the asset gives the bailiff/debt recovery company additional control of the situation. So it is vital that you can call on us and we can arrive easily under an hour. Our rapid response recovery team always keep you posted and give you an accurate ETA.


Recovery 24/7 safely secure and when called upon collect vehicles on behalf of bailiffs. What is essential is that the assets can be recovered in a safe manner. Also in a way where no damage is sustained to it. Debt recovery is always a very testing experience. Strategy and the efficient carrying out of that specialist planning is key. We can safely collect and transport it to a destination of your choice. Our timely presence could prevent damage being done to the vehicle. So it is always safety first with a bailiff removal assistance team.


We can sit down with your company and go through all your needs and requirements. Our aim is to understand your strategy and how we can most effectively assist you in bailiff removal/debt recovery. We welcome being informed and are happy to liaise with your company to discuss finer detail. We want to make sure we minimize all problems. We also offer advice as we are vastly experienced in assets securing or removal. Recovery 24/7 knows that when needed, we have to be there, one time, with all the right equipment/tools. There is no room for excuses.


Securing or removing an asset is one thing. Staying calm in volatile situations is another. Only vehicle removal companies who take time to train their employees how to deal with situations like these are reliable. We want to see more vehicle removal companies send their staff on specialist courses. So they know how to act in delicate situations and under pressure. Working with third parties effectively is a skill. You can count on us to be professional and calm at all times.


The best companies are the ones who value customer service. We value all of our customers and they know they can depend on us. By listening to feedback from them, we are able to improve aspects of our company that helps us deliver a more effective service. Recovery 24/7 carries out a regular survey. We also carry out regular evaluations of all our staff. Management is no exception.