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Our expert Keyless Vehicle Recovery and Total Lift expert services sets the bar for all of London. Recovery 24/7 understands that accidents and emergencies can happen in the blink of an eye. Your vehicle could be lightly or significantly damaged. You could be on your way to work or heading back home and have broken down. You could have misplaced or lost your car or van keys and be in a big panic. Recovery 24/7 provides rapid response to all situations.

Losing the keys to your vehicle can be a nightmare. You stand next to it thinking, "How am I going to get this car/vehicle moved?". For us to carry out a keyless recovery, you need to prove ownership of the vehicle. Once that is verified our roadside team sets to work with precision. Safety is our highest priority. We have protocols in place to make sure no damage is done to gears or the hand brake. The expert application of 'Skates' allows us to all control wheels are secure. The vehicle is expertly lifted onto our flatbed recovery vehicle.


Total Lift Recovery is one of the most popular forms of vehicle recovery in the UK. To transport a vehicle either short of long distances, 24/7 Recovery can do so with ease. We adapt to every scenario and once we can get within a viable safe distance - we set to work. Sometimes cars and vans can end up in very awkward positions. This may be due to an accident, including loss of control of a vehicle/car.

We are highly experienced when dealing with major breakdown, theft or roadside accidents. Our team are contactable 24 hours a day. We have specialist vehicles that are ideal for responded to a wide range of incidents. We have encountered hundreds of vehicles in different states. Some have light damage. Others have severe damage, from missing wheels, being complete 'write offs' or badly burnt out.

Our total lift services are available to the general public and commercial sector. From insurance companies, Local Authorities to local or nationwide Dealerships - our expertise is diverse. We understand that a quick initial assessment and following a strict protocol is paramount. It ensures that we always have the right solution/tools/technology for every job. Quick response and a quick return of vehicles is part of our professional mindset. We take the pressure off you. Recovery 24/7 provides trusted/reliable solutions to your problems.


Our recovery trucks/vehicles are kitted out with the latest technology. It is to ensure that each recovery can be carried out in a safe, efficient and damage free way. The most frustrating thing for people, companies and organisations who need a recovery truck, is to find out that vehicle can not handle the job. That is why for every job we have a checklist that makes sure every aspect of the job will be expertly covered.

Many recovery companies in Thornton Heath, Croydon and throughout London have partial and total lift vehicles.  There are certain factors that come in to play when recovering specific vehicle types. It a vehicle has very minimal/very low ground clearance, then you need a truck to handle that job. We can handle the safe recovery and transportation of high performance sports cars, 4X4's and customised vehicles.

Any vehicle up to a large van can be recovered by our team. This includes motorbikes and even race cars. If you have encountered a breakdown on the road or motorway, then do not panic. Make sure that you are at a point of safety. Then call our team on 020 3078 7728.


Our fleet may not be the biggest, but our team have the expertise. We are a company that always looks to improve every week and value customer service. We take pride on being one the of most reliable light recovery services in Thornton Heath and throughout South West London. Our initial communication with motorists who have broken down is vital. That process ensures their immediate safety, verification of location and an estimated arrival time been given. Our service provides recovery for small cars, vans, trucks, motorbikes and vehicles that have low ground clearance.


Just imagine if you are a finance company who needs to recover an expansive vehicle from a gated property. You need a company who is experienced, know how to professionally operate with third parties and work in an efficient, safe manner. Vehicles sometimes need to be recovered in delicate and high pressured situations. Recovery 24/7 provide assistance/services for Local Authorities, Insurance Companies, Police Authorities, Bailiffs and High Court Agencies. We also work with precision when faced with accidents on the road/motorway. Cars that need to be transported to specific locations and done so in a secure, covered and forensics safeguarding manner - are done so with professionalism. If we can get near a vehicle to safely carry out our work, then we always persevere in the most challenging of situations.


Technology plays a big part in vehicle recovery. From the Lifting Frames, the QVR Grab and the Total Lift - each element needs to be state of the art. Our company always likes to stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements/improvements in technology. Carrying out our job in a safe an efficient manner is always our goal. Every keyless/total lift recovery has its challenges and optimum way of going about the job. Almost every time the technology used plays the pivotal part of the vehicle recovery process.

When 'Damage Free' technology was introduced onto the market, it revolutionized everything. Total Lift Technology is a vital component of the vehicle recovery market. Lifting Accessories are now state of the art. They include:

Wheel skates, wire ropes, pulley blocks and winches. Also air tanks, belly straps, wheel covers and wheel sliders. Chains, QVR grabs and LED lighting has been further improved over the years.


We operate a 24 hour rapid response service. We know that in many circumstances our quick response is vital to helping in emergencies. We cover the immediate Thornton Heath and Croydon region. Our fleet also covers the majority of the South West London/ South East London region. We always provide an estimated time of arrival and if we can, initially provide helpful advice/tips over the phone.