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Anybody who is involved in a road traffic collision can find it a very upsetting experience. If you have been involved in an RTC then you have a legal obligation to stay at the scene. There is also a legal obligation that you have to make a report of the incident. After you have swapped details with the other driver, you then focus more on assessing the damage. Call our road traffic collision recovery team right away.

Our rapid response team are on hand to travel to you in an instant. So if you are involved in a RTC in Thornton Heath, Croydon and surrounding South-West London regions - call us on 020 3078 7728.


Our rapid response 24 hour service is there to help you, any time of the day. The main priority when you call is to understand the immediate situation. So your safety, other road users safety and the wider publics safety is our concern. Sometimes you can be in shock and call us before calling the relevant authorities (especially if the accident is bad.) So we make sure that the relevant services/authorities are contacted. We understand that arriving to the scene of an RTC could mean that there are delays to our route. However, we make sure that we arrive in good time. We also keep you posted if there are any slight delays.


Recovery 24/7 can safely recover your vehicle. Many of our customers at the time of a RTC panic because they don't know what is going to happen with their vehicle. They worry about their insurance company and it is a stressful experience for them. We are there to soften the worry and provide solutions. We can make sure that your vehicle can be placed in our secure vehicle storage compound You can then make all the necessary arrangements for your insurance company to collect it from there.


If your vehicle has been involved in a road traffic collision, it may need to be recovered. Out expert total lift process makes sure that we can recover and transport your vehicle in a damage free manner. Just because your vehicle is damaged doesn't mean that standards slip. It is the opposite. Our attention to detail is heightened. We never cut corners on a job. Our rapid response engineers are trained to deal with challenging situations. We make sure that under no circumstances do you try and drive away on a vehicle that is not safe/roadworthy.


There are occasions when your local council or police safely move your vehicle. It is usually taken to their compound. If you need us to collect it on your behalf, one of our team can easily do that for you. We are able to successfully deal with insurers with our trade insurance.


Any road traffic collision can leave you and your passengers shaken. Recovery 24/7 understands it can be a challenging time. Often you want to seek the comfort of home be as far away from the accident. We can arrange/provide for safe transportation of yourself and your passengers. In addition we can recover your vehicle and deliver it to your home as well. Getting you, your passengers and your vehicle to a safe destination, is our main focus.


The best companies are the ones who value customer service. We value all of our customers and they know they can depend on us. By listening to feedback from them, we are able to improve aspects of our company that helps us deliver a more effective service. Recovery 24/7 carries out a regular survey. We also carry out regular evaluations of all our staff. Management is no exception.